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Endless Frontier : the ninth units of honor are announced
on 2017-09-20 20:10:19
This may seem crazy but these new units are hybrids between races.
The first of these units is a Human. The Cleric is a banned Orc who respected life and who was saved by priests. It is an Orc/Human hybrid.

The second unit is an Elf. The Elementalist is a half Elf born of an Elf and a Man. It is an Elf/Human hybrid.

The third unit, Undead, is the Black Elf. Dark archers have raised a newborn Elf. It is a Dead-Alive/Elf hybrid.

And to finish, the Frost Demon, an Orc comes from a wandering Undead soul that uncovered the skull of an unknown Orc warrior. It's an Orc/Dead-Alive hybrid.
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