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Endless Frontier update 1.6.9
on 2017-08-31 14:31:07
Today Endless Frontier get it's update 1.6.9. This update brings some new functionalities including personal raids.

The biggest functionality of this update is the Outland battle. Those batlles are personals raids in which you can use seven heroes. Each heros can bring in the battle twenty units. Big reward if you win !!!
More informations will be available in an article on our blog (in french only. sorry :-( ).

Twelve new companions from Greek mythology will allow you to get as many new seven star artifacts.

Now, the units can be transcended directly from the time store. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to buy the unit to transcend it and resell it immediately after.

Artifacts can be sent directly to the temporal store after purchase, which will save you a hundred of gems if you ever buy an artifact just for the collection and not to use it.

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