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Endless Frontier update 1.7.5 et 1.7.7
on 2017-10-17 10:55:37
Coming with these updates, a lot of bug fixes, a new guild raid, companions of nature resistance, new quests and more.

First, the new raid. Named the Swamp of Death, this raid will send you and your guild companions into a putrid and toxic swamp. Indeed, the Swamp of Death is drowned in a mortal poison that gradually reduces your health. Only a strong resistance to nature can save you from this filthy place.
However, you will be helped in your task by two dragons who can cast life-regeneration spells and also increase your damage.

Who say new raid, also say new companions. These new companions, in addition to giving you access to seven-star artifacts, will allow you to break the level limit of artifacts, which will allow you to climb them beyond level 90.
New companions will also increase your resistance to nature and therefore poison damage.

Two new quests will also be part of the game to allow you to collect more gold and thus raise your heroes to higher levels.
These quests are titled:

  • 2nd exploration into the destruction of E-772 Outland
  • Holding back the resurrection of ancient god of destruction

Consecutive connection gifts have been slightly modified.
So, for five and ten consecutive days you will now receive a random artifact ticket.

Similarly, when you receive a unit ticket via the internal mail of the game, you can now choose a five-star unit.

Finally, ekkorr found a bug which was quickly corrected. However, this bug allowed a lot of players to artificially increase the number of medals per minute of spiritual rest. Also, ekkorr decided to bring back that number of medals per minute to the last value you had before the bug.
For example, I personally dropped from 950b medals per minute to 430b. However, applying the technique described in this article (Endless Frontier : guide avancé (in french)) I quickly returned to 930b medals per minute.

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